Horses. Hope. Healing.

The "Horses. Hope. Healing." program focuses on helping participants recover from traumatic events (such as Adverse Childhood Experiences or ACEs) by providing a safe, encouraging environment and positive interaction with the staff and horses.  Several evidence-based studies indicate that equine assisted activities and therapies significantly help those who have undergone negative life events (which have led to anxiety and depression). We serve those who are experiencing PTSD/ACEs, of all ages. The cost is $30/session, which is a fraction of the 'real' cost of $125/session. However, we have need-based scholarships available for this program, thanks to the East Tennessee Foundation and the Hays Foundation. Please email the office at [email protected] for a scholarship application.

If you are interested in participating in the program (or are interested in serving as an encouraging volunteer), please email [email protected] us.

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We'd love to talk personally with you about Ridin' High can benefit you, your school, or your family member.  Please email us at [email protected]; include your phone number for a call back.