Ridin’ High and

To protect the health of our families, riders, staff, and volunteers and help slow the spread of COVID-19, we temporarily closed Ridin’ High in April and May.

However, we reopened Ridin’ High on June 1 for more independent riders! (Please see Protocols for details; in general these include fully independent riders or those who only require a leader) Riders who require more close physical support (such as sidewalkers) are able to interact with the horses through groundwork activities and lessons.

To re-enroll in the program, please carefully read over the protocols and view the training posters/videos below.

Re-Opening Protocols

Based on recommendations of the CDC, PATH Intl., and the State of Tennessee (and in conjunction with the Ridin’ High Staff and Board), we have developed health and safety protocols for re-opening. While the protocols represent extra steps for our staff, volunteers, and families, the benefit is that we will begin to offer lessons at our facility again!

In preparation for that day, we ask you for the following:

  1. Carefully read over the protocols. If you have questions, please contact Linda (ridinhighinc@yahoo.com).
  2. Sign all release forms. If you are a participant, please make sure your yearly medical form is up-to-date as well.
  3. Gather all personal protection equipment/supplies (mask, hand sanitizer, sanitizer wipes).
  4. Donate extra supplies and/or funds if you are able. Following all the procedures we have put in place to protect our Ridin’ High Community has more than doubled the cost of each lesson. However, to help our families, we are holding the lesson fees at the previous level.
  5. Please download/carefully read the following documents. Note that all volunteers, riders, and guardians/parents must sign these documents.

COVID and Infection Control Posters and Training

Please download and view the following posters, which provide important information about keeping yourself and others safe from infections:

COVID and Infection Control Video Training

Please view the short videos before returning to Ridin’ High (viewing these videos is required and only takes about a minute each).


Mask Wearing