COVID Protocols

Based on recommendations of the CDC, PATH Intl., and the State of Tennessee (and in conjunction with the Ridin’ High Board of Directors), we have developed health and safety protocols. All riders, family members, caregivers, volunteers, and staff at Ridin’ High must agree to follow the protocols in order to participate in the program.

As of August 2021 (due to the concerning increase of COVID cases in our area), our board has revised our COVID protocols to include the following:

  1. We have reinstituted our universal masking policy. This means that all persons – whether vaccinated or not – should wear a mask while in Ridin’ High’s facility. We have many young children (who cannot be vaccinated) as well as medically fragile persons, so we need to protect them as much as possible.
  2. If you have been exposed to anyone who has COVID, please let us know and plan to take two weeks off.
  3. Riders/volunteers/family members who have symptoms of ANY contagious disease (even a cold) should stay home to protect the others in our Ridin’ High community. We have a number of riders whose medical conditions would put them at risk of hospitalization, even for a ‘minor’ cold. In some cases, we will ask the the person(s) to take off for a minimum of a week after he/she is symptom-free.
  4. Please continue to use hand sanitizer upon arrival at Ridin’ High and frequently throughout your time at the barn.
  5. If you have been traveling out of state, please plan to take 2 weeks off before coming back to Ridin’ High.
  6. Please limit the number of people coming to your lesson to those who are necessary to help (such as sidewalkers).
  7. Please text Linda if you are unable to come to a lesson due to following these protocols.
  8. Complete Ridin’ High Infection Control Protocols may be downloaded and viewed below:

COVID and Infection Control Posters and Training

Please download and view the following posters, which provide important information about keeping yourself and others safe from infections:

COVID and Infection Control Video Training

Please view the short videos before returning to Ridin’ High (viewing these videos is required and only takes about a minute each).


Mask Wearing