COVID Protocols

Based on recommendations of the CDC, PATH Intl., and the State of Tennessee (and in conjunction with the Ridin’ High Board of Directors), we have developed health and safety protocols. All riders, family members, caregivers, volunteers, and staff at Ridin’ High must agree to follow the protocols in order to participate in the program.

Updated COVID and Infection Control Practices

In Effect as of January 8, 2022

At Ridin’ High, our primary concern is the safety and well-being of all clients, volunteers, and staff.  Due to the ongoing COVID pandemic and to protect our Ridin’ High community from other contagious illnesses (flu, stomach viruses, etc.), we have updated our infection control protocols. These protocols apply to all clients, volunteers, and staff and have been developed with guidance from the CDC, medical personnel, Ridin’ High’s Board of Directors, and PATH International.  

Exposure to COVID/Disease Symptoms:

  • If you have been exposed to COVID, please quarantine for a full 10 days before returning to Ridin’ High. If you have been in CLOSE CONTACT (such as living with a COVID-positive person), please quarantine for 20 days.
  • If you have tested positive for COVID, please quarantine for 10 days (if no symptoms) and 20 days (if symptomatic). Please contact Ridin’ High staff for exact guidance before returning to the barn.
  • If you are sick with symptoms of any illness (flu, stomach virus, COVID symptoms), please do not come for your lesson but inform the Ridin’ High staff. They will provide guidance on when to return to the barn.  In general, to return you must be completely symptom-free and past a quarantine period.


  • If you are traveling in the USA and have not been in large group settings, post-travel quarantine is not required. (If you are traveling in the USA and have been in large group settings, such as at a ballgame, theme park, airport, etc., please quarantine for a full 10 days before returning to Ridin’ High.)
  • If you are traveling outside the USA, please plan to quarantine for a full 10 days before returning to Ridin’ High.

Mask Guidelines:

  • Masks are required in the barn unless social distancing is practiced (For example, masks should be worn by non-independent riders, while assisting in mounting/dismounting, leading/sidewalking in a lesson, tacking up with another volunteer, riding in the Kubota with another person, etc.)
  • Masks are not required outdoors (unless within 10’ of another person).
  • Masks are always required in enclosed spaces, such as the office or tack room. 

Other Practices:

  • All staff, clients, and volunteers should wash their hands/use hand sanitizer upon arrival and between each lesson.
  • Surfaces and tack will be cleaned/sanitized between lessons.
  • College students on clinical rotations should provide a negative COVID test taken within two days of arrival at Ridin’ High.

COVID and Infection Control Posters and Training

Please download and view the following posters, which provide important information about keeping yourself and others safe from infections:

COVID and Infection Control Video Training

Please view the short videos before returning to Ridin’ High (viewing these videos is required and only takes about a minute each).


Mask Wearing