Ridin’ High, Inc. reserves the right to dismiss participants from any program for any reason. These reasons may include but are not limited to safety concerns and/or the inability to appropriately and safety provide equine assisted actives or therapies. Participant dismissals may occur for a variety of reasons such as: participants exceeding height/weight maximums for volunteer support and/or available horses and tack, progression of a diagnosis into an area outside of the realm of instructor experience and/or into a contraindication, participant or family behavior leading to safety concerns, chronic late arrivals and/or cancellations, available classes not aligning with participant availability, etc. If there is a concern about a possible future dismissal, Ridin’ High, Inc. will immediately discuss concerns and a plan of action with the participant and or their family. Please note that Ridin’ High, Inc. follows the guidelines suggested in the PATH Intl. Precautions and Contraindications manual and depending on the current staff, horses, volunteers, etc. available to our program we may not be able to safely provide services to every disability.